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  • The Bineau Team
  • 03/26/20

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Aspen is as glorious as ever, just different. We are able to slow down, reflect and appreciate our slice of paradise. With our Governor’s “Stay at Home “order we are still able to walk our dog so needless to say our dog is getting  A LOT of EXERCISE.

With what is going on with the COVID-19 pandemic nothing is happening in Aspen it is very quiet and this is one time you could park ANYWHERE if you could go out.

With the cancellation of its summer kick-off event, Food & Wine, the cancellation of The IdeaFestival and a number of other events it will be a unique summer.

That being said, it will still be a fun summer if we are all well and the “Stay at Home”  order is lifted.

Throughout history, Aspen real estate has rallied. It has rebounded time and time again. Aspen is a special place that allows people to slow down, enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the escape from the ordinary.

What will happen to our local real estate market after the dust settles from the pandemic?

Aspen is and always will be a town that embraces a positive attitude. So many people choose to live here for the lifestyle and so many people come to visit and eventually own property here for the same reason.  In our last recession of 2008 banks and lenders shut down and getting loans became such an arduous process. It appears none of that is present today.

Buyers are still watching for opportunities in the market, of course, the well-priced home will sell first when the market starts up again. We believe Sellers will have their properties on the market longer as they wait for these buyers to return to the market. Now it is more important than ever to have an online presence while buyers turn more and more to Virtual tours, Websites, and Virtual open houses. We have experienced every situation in our 30 plus years in real estate and drawing on our years of experience of home selling we will set a course for true success on every level.

We trust you are staying safe and healthy and using this time to slow down, enjoy family and regroup.

If you are spending as much time as us in the virtual world please feel free to visit our links:

Of course, feel free to call us about any real estate questions or just to say hello. We all need to connect during this time

Looking forward to welcoming you back to the valley. In the meantime,  stay well.

Jim and Anita

Aspen Strong

Some Ideas while self-isolating

March doesn’t have to be madness.

Whether you’re social distancing, in lockdown, self-isolating, sheltering in place, working to keep essential services going, or just finding yourself with a lot more free time and uncertainty ahead, you could probably benefit from developing a mindfulness or meditation habit right now. Click the link below to read the complete article by

Caitlin Welsh​​​


Concerns over the coronavirus have shuttered public and school libraries around the world, depriving their regular patrons of free access to the Internet, shelter and, of course, books — just when many of them could use them the most.

It’s difficult to replicate the manifold services offered by your local public library. But when it comes to keeping bookshelves stocked — digitally, at least — the Internet Archive is offering one compelling alternative: a “National Emergency Library.

Article By Colin Dwyer Colin Dwyer

A Colorado Day Video click on the link below:

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